Private aviation costs can vary greatly depending on aircraft type, itinerary, and market factors. We strive to provide pricing quotes to our clients within 24 hours of a request. Our prices are fully inclusive of all costs related to the aircraft, crew and passengers, which eliminates unexpected invoices after travel.

Some of our customers come to us unhappy about the membership-based aviation solutions in the market today. We offer clients the option of a set price for a minimum amount of flight hours. This fixed pricing and guaranteed availability is a good fit for customers who rely on the flexibility of private air travel. Please contact us to customize a program fro you, with reasonable upfront costs.

Advanced Aviation Team is focused on delivering “Presidential Level” customer service for ALL our clients. When you travel with AAT, each charter flight is assigned a dedicated customer service representative who will be in constant contact with you for the duration of your trip.

Once we have confirmed your charter, we deliver a detailed Trip Summary in a readable format for our customers to track every key detail of the upcoming trip.