The safety and security of our customers and cargo is our top priority. Our Advanced Aviation Team operator and aircraft selection vetting process is focused on the highest levels of evaluation.

We’re picky. We select our aircraft from a very small group of qualified pilots and operators.

Our clients will receive detailed safety information on every pilot and operator selected. Advanced Aviation Team has systems and partnerships in place to ensure we obtain all the critical information needed to keep our clients protected at all times.

Our reports are comprehensive. We partner with various industry research databases to track pilot certificates, aircraft registrations, and operator certificates. This includes continual review of accidents, incidents, service difficulty reports, enforcement actions, ownership and management.


Advanced Aviation Team has worked in support of the highest levels of personal and VIP security, including multiple Presidents of the United States. Whether our customer already has executive level security or is in need of securing security personnel, our team has a robust network of elite and discreet security personnel made up of former FBI, Secret Service, US Military, and former defense and intelligence professionals. We will leverage our experience and relationships to ensure all aircraft and passengers are treated with the highest levels of safety and security required.