Advanced Aviation Team specializes in the selection of safe, secure, and reliable aircraft for all our clients, working with a select set of vetted operators to source the highest quality aviation solutions. We have a variety of aircraft to choose from, including:

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The largest category of jets we offer, with speeds of up to 550 mph can span the globe seating 70-300+ passengers (Boeing 747). While some major airlines make part of their fleet available for private travel, we also partner with other operators who dedicate their aircraft to charter services and VIP group travel.

Large Business Jets

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Designed to seat 8-20 passengers in the highest levels of comfort, space and luxury, large business jets typically offer an extended range enabling transcontinental travel.  We can source Gulfstream V and Global Express that can reach up to 15 hours in flight.  Our global network ensures our VIP clients may enjoy the benefits of large business jet travel anywhere in the world.

Super Mid-Sized Business Jets


Seating 8-10 passengers, super mid-size business jets have a coast-to-coast range, enabling clients to travel long distances efficiently. With standing headroom, spacious cabins, and communication capabilities, these aircraft are an excellent option for clients looking for luxurious travel without the costs of a larger jet.

Mid-Size Business Jets

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With a  range of 3.5-5 hours and capacity for up to 8 passengers, mid-size business jets offer standing headroom, a flight attendant, and larger luggage space. With a greater range than turboprops or light business jets, these jets are best when comfort is a priority, especially on longer trips.

Light Business Jets

 Private jet plane

With a range of 2.5-4 hours and capacity for 6-8 passengers, light business jets include a wide variety of smaller executive jets. Offering high value for shorter trips, light jets provide many comfortable and efficient options to our clients.


 Business plane

Turboprops offer the most economical option for private air travel, with a range of 2.5 – 4 hours and capacity for up to 8 passengers. Turboprops have fully pressurized cabins and retain an attractive ability to operate from shorter runways, allowing access to smaller airports. Turboprops are highly efficient and safe aircraft, making them ideal for short distance trips.